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Visibility Matters

DoubleMap provides a comprehensive range of options for indoor, outdoor, and in-vehicle signage.


DoubleMap provides commercial LCD signage to display its real-time map as well as estimated times of arrival (ETA) for passengers. DoubleMap’s LCD signage is Buy America compliant and can be procured with optional touchscreen capability upon request.


DoubleMap offers outdoor LCD and LED amber signage for transfer centers and bus stops. The outdoor LCD signage provides similar real-time mapping and ETA information as its indoor LCD signage, but is designed to be weather resistant to hot and cold climates. DoubleMap’s outdoor LED signage provides similar weather-specific durabilities and provides riders with real-time ETA information through an LED amber interface.


DoubleMap is able to integrate with existing destination signage as well as provide next-stop LED arrival displays.

  • Destinations signage integration
  • IN-vehicle stop arrival led amber and lcd options
  • Indoor & outdoor lcd with live tracking and eta`s
  • Indoor & outdoor touchscreen kiosk
  • Outdoor wayside led amber signage for eta's
  • Optional advertising available

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