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Measure Ridership Volume

DoubleMap offers administrators various methods for evolving from the usage of pen and paper to advanced passenger counting systems.

Through strategic partnerships, DoubleMap is capable of offering a wireless, fully automated passenger counting system (APC). The DoubleMap APC software package will produce both measurable and non-measurable benefits including improved service productivity, enhanced service quality, and access to up-to-date, highly accurate and comprehensive sets of information to meet analytical requirements.

Additionally, DoubleMap developed its Digital Passenger Count (DPC) system as an alternative to APC solutions. The DPC software provides drivers the ability to input passenger boardings by type through a touch-based input on DoubleMap’s mobile data terminal (MDT). With DoubleMap’s DPC, drivers are able to enter information through a customizable touchscreen interface, which collects and sends the following data in real-time to DoubleMap’s servers.

The DPC solution can also be used in conjunction with existing APC’s for rider-type information segments and to collect backup data for FTA approval of their APC data for national transit database (NTD) reporting.

  • Infrared sensors and reflectors
  • Overhead sensors
  • Bicycle rack sensors
  • Wheelchair lift sensors
  • Segmented passenger type
  • Month/day/year
  • Bus/route/stop/time

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