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Rochester Public Transit was unable to meet riders' demands of knowing accurate pick-up
and drop-off times and locations of the buses. They were searching for a solution that could
easily integrate into their existing system and improve efficiency.


Eliminate inaccuracies in fixed-route bus schedule times and allow riders to view the bus ETA

Hardware integration

Find a solution that easily integrates the software and hardware into the existing system.


Improve on-time performance, and allow administrators to resolve system issues quickly and effortlessly



DoubleMap worked to enhance the transit system for both riders and dispatchers. Mobile, web, and kiosk applications were used to improve rider accessibility.
These applications were able to give riders the ability to see their bus in real time and provide administrators with real time data and efficiency reports.

Turn-key solution

Robust hardware consisting of a portable MDT that has the ability to integrate with multiple in-vehicle components ie. farebox, destination sign, APC's and AVA.

Go mobile

Provide a mobile application that allows riders to receive ETA alerts and track their bus in real time.

Effective reports

Detailed reports that help administrators manage and track their fleets efficiently, and improve on-time performance.



Two-thirds of Rochester's riders are commuters to the Mayo Clinic; therefore, it was especially important
to provide a reliable transit service to its riders. CAD/AVL, mobile application, administrative tools, and
custom reports were essential to improving Rochester's transit system.

Push notifications

Notifications are sent to the rider's phone providing them with ETA information and alerting them when their bus has arrived.

Riders can set up alerts in advance to be sent to their phone when they want to be notified.

Administrative reports

Detailed reports such as headway and route travel times can monitor the bus's activity en-route.

These reports provide data for administrators to effectively plan bus routes, and improve on-time performance.

Headsign integration

A feature that automatically assigns head-sign codes to a route on the tablet.

This eliminates the need to manually assign codes, and consolidates everything onto a single tablet.

Fare-Box integration

An upcoming feature for Rochester that integrates the existing farebox system with the MDT to create a single point logon for the drivers.

With our turn-key solution the MDT updates the farebox data automatically when the vehicle is turned on.

Route creator

The route creator tool allows administrators to create, alter and manage routes in-house.

This offers administrators unprecedented control over the management of their AVL system and does not require knowledge of coordinates or programming.

Transit planner

The transit planner allows administrators to plan the most efficient bus routes from cost effective and service standpoints.

By combining U.S. census data with our pre-existing map administrators are able to identify factors that affect ridership.



Since DoubleMap's implementation in 2015, the application has made Rochester's transit
system more reliable and easier for its passengers to use and administrators to manage.

More accessible

Made bus tracking more accessible for passengers on the go with its mobile application.

More reliable

CAD/AVL and GPS technology made it possible for riders to check the status of their bus and monitor delays

More efficient

Improved on-time performance of buses, and simplified system maintenance by allowing administrators to directly resolve issues



Since implementing DoubleMap in 2015, the application has been able to sustain the city's
ridership volume while increasing the efficiency for the administration and overall satisfaction of the passengers.


Average monthly rides


Completed in 2015

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